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Stockbridge-Munsee Community of Mohican Indians of Wisconsin

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A Connecticut gaming company has teamed up with the tribal council to study the possibility of a casino in New York state. Officials from Trading Cove Associates confirmed they have been talking with the band about a gaming center in the Catskills. Len Wolman, a managing partner in Trading Cove, said July 27 the development company is constantly looking for new business opportunities, including gaming. The band is a 1,500-member tribe that runs a small casino in Bowler. It migrated from the upper Hudson Valley about 150 years ago. Today, it owns land in Leeds and has a 24,000-acre land claim in Madison and Oneida counties. Trading Cove helped Connecticut's Mohegans build the successful Mohegan Sun casino in 1996 and until January was a partner in the casino operation. Bob Chicks, band chairman, said tribal members are interested in returning to New York. "We know we feel good about (Trading Cove), and we're generally impressed by what they've done with Mohegan Sun casino," Chicks said. "Now we're trying to ... figure out if they're a good fit. We have had a long-standing interest in our tribe in establishing our presence in New York. We feel very strongly about our cultural and historical ties to New York."

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