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Stimulus package bold and progressive

President Obama’s stimulus package, if enacted, will be (in the words of “the nation”) “One of the biggest and boldest pieces of progressive legislation in the past 40 years.”

It will create or save three to four million jobs over the next two years; avert literally hundreds of thousands of teacher layoffs and double funding to the Department of Education; create hundreds of thousands of “green jobs” and double our clean energy production, and immediately give unemployed people access to affordable health care coverage.

What is under attack by the right is a tiny, one-percent fraction of what is there – for no better reason than nitpicking politics at its most vilely partisan. It is nothing more than Republican fiddling for partisan style points while America burns. The right doesn’t care what is in the stimulus package, really – if President Obama is for it, they’re against it, period.

If the stimulus package does not pass, all Americans are in deep trouble. Even Republicans, on those almost-non-existent occasions when they’re being honest, admit that without this package unemployment could top 11 percent by 2010 – the highest level since the Great Depression.

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– Timothy Liebe

Syracuse, N.Y.