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Steve Reevis, Blackfeet Actor from 'Last of the Dogmen,' 'Geronimo,' has died at 55

Native actor Steve Reevis has passed away at 56. Family is also asking for support on GoFundMe for funeral expenses.

Born August 14, 1962 and raised on the Blackfeet Reservation in Browning, Montana, Native actor Steve Reevis, the son of Curley and Lila Reevis, has died at the age of 55. Reevis was one of 6 siblings.

According to Reevis’ IMDb profile, he lived the struggling actors’ dream in a quest to act in film and movies. He graduated from Flandreau High School and attended Haskell Indian Junior College in Lawrence, Kansas where he received a degree in arts. After Haskell, Reevis began his acting career in Los Angeles while living on the beach in his car, a 1971 Ford Torino.

Reevis’ first role in the film industry was as a stunt rider in the 1987 film War Party which also had his brother, Tim Reevis. His first acting role, in 1988, was in Universal's Twins. He played a non-speaking role as a Cheyenne Warrior in the highly acclaimed Dances With Wolves in 1990.

In 1993, he was cast as the Apache scout, Chato, in Geronimo: An American Legend starring Wes Studi. Reevis is perhaps best-known for his 1995 Native American lead role in Last of the Dogmen with Tom Berenger.

Steve Reevis (left) in 'Last of the Dogmen' co-starred alongside Tom Berenger.

Steve Reevis (right) in 'Last of the Dogmen' co-starred with Tom Berenger.

In 1996, Reevis received an award from First Americans in the Arts (FAITA) for his supporting roles in both the critically acclaimed movie Fargo and in the made for television movie Crazy Horse. In 2004 he received the honor again for his work on the ABC series Line of Fire.

One of Reevis' last performances was on the independent comedy Fishing Naked, directed by Peter Coggan. Reevis appeared in the film with Native actors Bronson Pelletier, Elaine Miles and Tinsel Korey. Having worked with Reevis on the film, Tinsel Korey told Indian Country Today she was saddened with the news of Reevis' passing.

“I was blessed to have shared the screen with Steve Reevis. His comedic timing was impeccable, his smile contagious and his spirit uplifted a room. Both on and off screen he had a way of making you feel at home. The cast and crew of our movie are absolutely heartbroken. My deepest condolences to his family in this time of great sorrow. He will be missed dearly,” said Korey.

There has already been an outpouring of support on social media. One fan on Facebook, Chris Whipple wrote, “RIP Bad Ass Actor Steve Reevis.”

A Facebook post by Chris Whipple regarding actor Steve Reevis.

A Facebook post by Chris Whipple regarding actor Steve Reevis.

Family is asking for support

In light of his passing, A GoFundMe page has been created to help the family with funeral expenses.

It reads, in part:

It is with a heavy heart that our much loved son, father, brother, uncle and friend Steve Reevis crossed over to the Sand Hills and is walking with God.

Steve was Blackfeet warrior of the Blackfeet Pikuni Nation. He grew up in Browning, Montana, the son of Lloyd "Curley" and Lila Reevis. He was the third oldest child of three sons and four daughters .

Steve is known as an accomplished actor, with roles in Geronimo, Dances with Wolves, The Last of the Dogmen, The Missing, the Longest Yard, and Cherokee Word for Water.

Steve was a family man, he leaves behind his wife Macile Reevis, his sons Joseph, Kyiyo, Pikuni and his daughter Taywanee, his grandchildren Lloyd, Cashus and Uriah.

As written on Reevis’ IMDB page, here is a personal quote:

Life is something that is never supposed to be played with. Life is so precious that we have to understand that our life was given to us by The Creator. When I think of life, it's always about living that life in a beautiful way. Life is about respecting one another in whatever capacity we live in in this world. It's all about total respect for each other and our individual lives.

Indian Country Today previously reported Steve Reevis was 56, he was 55.

The reason for Reevis' passing has not been released.

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