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Statement of U.S. Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell on Terrorist Attack on the United States

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As we sort through the details of the savage terrorist attacks today, I want the families and friends of the innocent Americans who were murdered to know that I pledge my prayers for their lost loved ones and my dedication to bringing those responsible to justice.

Today, America learned again that our freedom comes with a cost and the new battlegrounds are not on foreign soils or far away beaches. Terrorist acts of cowardice do not advance agendas, they diminish all of us with their brutality.

While we must always seek peace we, as a nation, will always defend ourselves from any enemy.

Those who have perpetrated today's carnage will be held accountable for their senseless acts of violence.


Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Northern Cheyenne, was elected to the U.S. Senate November 3, 1992, and again on November 3, 1998. Campbell is the only American Indian presently serving in the United States Senate and was the first American Indian to chair the Indian Affairs Committee. Campbell served in the U.S. Air force from 1951-53, stationed in Korea, where he attained the rank of Airman 2nd Class.