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Statement by Principal Chief Chad Smith Regarding the Events of September 11, 2001

We at the Cherokee Nation watched in horror as the attack unfolded before our eyes on live television. We are Cherokees, but we are also Americans, and this unprovoked attack both saddens and angers us. We feel sorrow for the families of the untold numbers of victims and our prayers go out to the wounded, the dying and the families of the dead. We feel anger at the monsters who could conceive and execute such a ruthless plan. In every American war since the War Between the States, Cherokees have fought beside our American neighbors to protect our land and our liberty. As events unfold today, every person in North America shares a feeling that their liberty has been threatened. We hope that the United States identifies these mass murderers, be they individuals, political organizations or foreign nations. As American patriots, Cherokees strongly support decisive action against the criminals who planned the mass murder we witnessed today.

- Chad Smith