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State Senator Enoch Kelly Haney enters Oklahoma gubernatorial race

OKLAHOMA CITY ? Democratic state Sen. Enoch Kelly Haney has announced he will run for governor of Oklahoma. The Seminole will be the first full blood to run for the office in Oklahoma.

Haney serves as chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee and on the Education, Energy, Environment Resources and Regulatory Affairs, Rules and Transportation committees. He is a well-known artist and created the statue that will soon sit atop the Oklahoma Capital dome.

He was first elected to the Oklahoma Senate in 1980.

Haney has been recognized as Honored One at the Red Earth Festival, Indian of the Year, Governor's Art Award winner in the state of Oklahoma and is the Master Artist of the Five Civilized Tribes.

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Haney also was producer and host of a weekly television program and a consultant and narrator for a Seminole series called 'How the West was Lost' on the Discovery Channel.

His diverse interests helped Haney develop plans to turn Oklahoma into a tourist destination for people from across the globe. He plans to propose new incentives that will encourage business development in small towns, improve education and entice production companies to make films in the state. He said he believes he will have widespread support from both tribal leaders and businessmen within the state.

Making his announcement, Haney said, 'Oklahoma has the potential to become a worldwide destination for business, education and culture.'

The early favorite in next year's election is GOP Rep. Steve Largent, a former Seattle Seahawks star. Haney said he knows that despite support from tribes within the state, the race may be a tough one. 'If it were an easy race, a lot more people would be in it.'