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Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of North & South Dakota

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The state Department of Transportation has designated state Highway 1806 through the reservation as a scenic byway. The designation is given to the state's most beautiful and important routes. The stretch of Highway 1806 from Cannon Ball to the South Dakota border is the seventh road to have it. State Transportation Director Dave Sprynczynatyk said Highway 1806 is the first scenic roadway to emphasize American Indian culture and history. The tribe asked for the designation, saying the highway is home to several historical sites, including Sitting Bull's burial site. Just where the Hunkpapa Lakota leader is buried is a matter of dispute. Some say the site is near Fort Yates, while others say it is in Mobridge, S.D. The tribe's initial proposal was rejected last summer because of a lack of information. It was allowed to submit an amended application.

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