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Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, North & South Dakota

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A deer antler dance stick from the reservation will be among the gifts former Gov. Ed. Schafer wants to represent his administration in a new exhibit at the North Dakota Heritage Center later this summer. He picked eight gifts from the hundreds he received during his eight years in office. He received the ceremonial dance stick after signing an agreement under which the tribe and the state would work together to collect cigarette taxes. The state collected the money, took an administrative fee and turned the rest of the money over to the tribe, Schafer said. "When we signed that tax agreement, they had given me that dance stick, and I thought it was reflective of how we built the relationship ... while I was there." His other selections include a green-quartz tiger from China, a collage of 1997 Red River flood photographs from Grand Forks, a political cartoon he said he believed illustrated the need for a national energy policy, a clear acrylic paperweight from the president of Taiwan, the first computerized card used in the state in place of food stamps, and a plaque with a carved image of the capitol he received in his Capitol for a Day program in Crosby.