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Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, North Dakota

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Standing Rock tribal officials are honoring 4-year-old Adeline Grey Day, who found help for her grandmother after she suddenly became ill. Pearl Grey Day, a diabetic, said the rest of the family was away from home Jan. 22, when she suddenly lost feeling in her hand and got a "pinchy feeling'' on the right side of her face. Then, she said, she started slurring her words. But she was able to tell Adeline that "Grandma's sick'' and told her to go get her aunt, two blocks away. The aunt was not home, so Adeline came back. Grey Day said she motioned toward the picture window and Adeline could see two construction workers nearby. Adeline, who is normally quiet around strangers, ran to them and told them, "My grandma needs help,'' said her father, Don Grey Day. An ambulance was called and Adeline busied herself putting socks on her grandmother's feet. "She was calm and she knew what she was doing,'' said Gerald Ironshield, a tribal community health representative who arrived at the scene to help. "I told her what a good thing she's done.'' Pearl Grey Day went through tests before being released. She said doctors believe her problem may have been a small blood clot.