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St. Regis Mohawk Tribe receives performance award

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AKWESASNE, N.Y. – The IHS recently announced the results of the 2008 Government Performance and Results Challenge for performance and improvement.

The St. Regis Mohawk Tribe was recognized for its outstanding job in treating patients at its health facility in the Nashville service area in the category of Most Improved GPRA Performance.

In an Aug. 18 letter, Nashville Area Director Richie Grinnell noted, “You have demonstrated excellence and quality in all aspects of GPRA.”

“This is another area which demonstrates improvements in the overall management of the tribe and its programs,” said Chief James Ransom. “We continue to find ways to improve services to tribal members.”

Chief Barbara Lazore congratulated St. Regis health facility director Debbie Terrance, Mohawk, and her staff. “We are proud of this recognition and are thankful to the staff for their hard work and efforts.”

The recognition for improved GPRA performance also included an increase in the funding for the tribe’s health services department. “Your program will receive additional funding in the amount of $15,000 in the form of [a] modification to your annual funding agreement in the coming weeks,” Grinnell wrote.

“Everybody can agree that increased performance results in improvements. The fact that the tribe was able to receive an additional $15,000 for providing health services is definite proof of improved performance,” Chief Monica Jacobs said.