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St. Regis Band of Mohawk Indians of New York

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A $130 million casino just south of Albany could be as few as four years off now that a developer has obtained land rights. The Times Union of Albany reports that Unity Development Group, working with the tribe, has obtained the rights to 80 acres off Thruway Exit 21 in Greene County. The Mohawk plan, unveiled last month, calls for a 113,000-square-foot casino and 45,000 square feet of restaurants and does not rule out a hotel, something area tourist leaders hoped would not be part of a casino plan. It would employ about 2,000 people and developers expect to pull in $416 million in revenues the first year, building to $506 million by the fifth year. The tribe would get 70 percent of revenues, with the developers keeping 30 percent. It is the second active plan by the Mohawks to put a casino in New York. In Monticello, the tribe is working with New Jersey-based Park Place Entertainment on a plan for a casino-hotel-entertainment facility at Kutsher's Country Club in Sullivan County. Monticello is the tribe's priority, leaders said. A lawyer for the Mohawks told the newspaper the Greene County project is in a preliminary stage and approvals from the federal government could take four years.