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St. Regis Band of Mohawk Indians of New York

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A 3-year-old boy who disappeared from his Covered Wells home was found by authorities the morning of Feb. 2 after spending more than 14 hours in the Sonoran desert, officials said. The boy disappeared along with his dog on Thursday afternoon and spent the night outside in near-freezing temperatures wearing only a T-shirt and pants. A Customs Service patrol officer and a Tohono O'Odham police officer found the boy about 2 1/2 miles from his home. He immediately asked for his mother, Customs officials said. The boy was returned to his parents after being examined by medical officials. "Customs Native American CPOs (patrol officers) are recognized as the best trackers in the world and this is another example of why,'' said Rene Andreu, Customs resident agent in charge in Sells. He said the search was made more difficult because it involved a child who left very slight impressions on the ground while wandering aimlessly in the desert. "Despite the challenges, we were successful in finding the boy and we are thrilled that this story has a happy ending,'' Andreu said.

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