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St. Regis Band of Mohawk Indians of New York

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The tribe, the Department of Environmental Conservation, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Canadian government are monitoring dredging in a $47 million Superfund cleanup project to remove PCB-contaminated sediment from the St. Lawrence River. The dredging project, to be completed this fall, will remove more than 77,000 cubic yards of sediment from more than 30 acres of river bottom adjacent to the Reynolds Metals Co. facility in Massena. The work is being done by contractors and financed by Reynolds. The facility is an active aluminum production plant where past operations caused contamination of the plant property and adjacent river sediments with polychlorinated biphenyls which are suspected of causing cancer. The DEC is overseeing separate cleanup work on the plant property. The agencies scheduled a public information session on the project June 28 at the Akwesasne Housing Authority Building.

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