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St. Louis Rams Sam Bradford Ready for First Preseason Game

Rams Sam Bradford Ready for First Preseason Game
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It’s pretty hard to ignore the buzz surrounding one of the Rams key players. Quarterback Sam Bradford, Cherokee, who was out for most of last season after suffering a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, is back and stronger than before.

"Coming into this camp is probably the strongest I’ve been from the waist up and I think it probably has paid off a little bit," Bradford told ESPN. "I feel like I do have a little more zip on the ball and feel like I can make some of those throws that maybe were a little slower last year.” 

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Although Bradford is still being monitored, he says that he’s ready for the team's first preseason game against the New Orleans Saints on August 8.

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"It’s totally coach’s call," Bradford said. "I’m going to be ready to go. If he tells me I’m playing, I’m going to be pumped to get back out on the field. If he feels like it’s best not to go out there Friday, then I trust him and I’ll be ready to go the following week." 

Rams coach Jeff Fisher said that Bradford was “full-go” when training camp started on July 25, but he also said that he might not start him on Friday.

"If he doesn't play in the first preseason game, it's not because he can't," Fisher told "It'll be (because) it's our choice not to play him. But he will play in the preseason."