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St. Croix Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin

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Jan Gangelhoff, who blew the whistle on academic fraud in the University of Minnesota men's basketball program, was dismissed as finance manager at the Hole-in-the-Wall Casino in Danbury. A video camera recorded Gangelhoff leaving her office early Sept. 22 carrying a sheaf of papers. Officials said they couldn't determine what she was removing, but she didn't follow procedures requiring permission. A release from her attorney indicated the items were newspapers she had purchased, a practice she'd followed for two years without question or reprimand. Joel Zappa, compliance officer, said her termination might be reversed in favor of a reprimand or suspension if an investigation shows she took only newspapers. Gangelhoff admitted writing more than 400 items for about 20 players. The news set off investigations by the university, the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Justice Department. A federal felony fraud charge was dismissed Sept. 25 after a judge rejected a plea agreement. Zappa said the firing wasn't the result of that federal case. "... It's unfortunate that it came about at the time that it did." If Gangelhoff's plea agreement had been allowed, Zappa said he would have recommended to the tribe that she be fired under rules barring felons from holding casino licenses.

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