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Squaxin Island Tribe Sponsors High Powered Canoe Races


The 38th annual Black Lake Regatta will take place July 9th and 10th, with the races going from 11AM-6PM each day, in Olympia, Washington. Thousands will be on hand to watch motor boating championships, but another set of races on the lake will surely garner plenty of interest, and awe—the high powered canoe event.

These narrow canoes are outfitted with 20-25 horsepower outboard engines that blast the 20-foot canoes across the lake surface at speeds nearing 50 mph. The event is sponsored by Skookum Creek Tobacco, owned by the Squaxin Island Tribe. “This will be my first time as a driver, and I am so excited,” said tribal member Tyler Johns, 21, in a press release. Johns will be one of the drivers for the Skookum Creek sponsored canoe. There are more than ten canoes racing this year, representing the Quinault, Quileute and Hoh Nations.

The Squaxin Island Tribe, who also own the Kamilche Trading Post and the Little Creek Casino Resort, are proud that the canoe racers will be showcased alongside the world record holders of flat bottom boats and limited hyrdros. Bryan Johnson, GM of Skookum Creek, said in the press release, “I love watching all the boats, but hearing those canoes come roaring out is my favorite part. The canoes are almost as loud as the hydroplanes!"