"Two of three young boys who died in a house fire in January had prescription-strength drugs in their blood. Jamesetta Shealeay said she sometimes medicated her three boys to "quiet them down," according to information released May 3. Toxicology tests showed William Allen, 2, and Malcolm James Allen, 5, had medication in their blood when they died Jan. 16. Results for Anthony Lamar Allen Jr., 6, are pending, a fire captain said, adding the medications had not been prescribed. The Spokane tribal court ordered the boys to stay with relatives because of a long history of drug abuse, domestic violence and depression by Shealeay and their father, Anthony Allen. Fire investigators spent four months on the case. County prosecutors are reviewing the evidence. No charges have been filed. The fire was caused by a person, but investigators have not pinned it to a particular person. The children were not supposed to be at the home the night of the fire. Shealeay lost custody in January for violating a restraining order by taking them to see Allen in jail. She also admitted violating a court order when she picked the children up from her half sister and took them to her home a week before the fire.