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Spokane Tribe, Washington

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Jamesetta Shealeay whose five small children all died in her care gave birth to a boy who will be placed in foster care. Shealeay, in custody, is charged with manslaughter in the deaths of three sons in a house fire Jan. 16, 2000. In 1995, twin 10-month-old daughters died of hyperthermia when she wrapped them in blankets and placed them too close to a space heater. The deaths were ruled accidental. Spokane County prosecutors charged Shealeay was negligent when she drugged Anthony Allen, 6, Malcolm Allen, 5, and William Allen, 2, so she could go out drinking. The boys were too drowsy to escape the flames. Shealeay was to plead guilty to the charges but the plea bargain fell apart. Over the years, Washington state and the tribe intervened numerous times, state records show. The tribe twice removed the children, tribal members, from Shealeay's custody and demanded she keep the boys away from their father, Anthony Allen. In early January 2000, after she took the children to see him in the Spokane County Jail, the tribal court banned both parents from unsupervised visits and placed the children with Allen's relatives. Shealeay took the children to her mother's house in Spokane shortly before the fire.

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