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SPIRIT Magazine hits stands in Canada

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TORONTO - SPIRIT Magazine, a new current affairs, arts and culture magazine for Canadian Aboriginals, is now on newsstands across Canada. It's a glossy magazine that bills itself as taking a youthful approach toward alternative ideas and social change.

Its premiere issue generated comment with a cover photo of a Native family, husband, wife and child, cuddling together in the nude. It introduced a feature story on the harsh realities facing Canadian Aboriginal families, from Edmonton to Toronto to Iqaluit. The issue also offers a new interview with move star Adam Beach, and photos; a book excerpt and interview with author Simon Ortiz; a new piece on organic foods by environmentalist Winona LaDuke; people profiles; book and music reviews and much more.

The magazine was unveiled at an event called "Nourish" held in conjunction with the Toronto Pow wow in November. Hosted by actor Adam Beach, Harmony Rice and Jamie Monastyrski at the Church at Berkeley in Toronto's Queen Street East district, the event featured performances by poet Simon Ortiz, music by Shane Anthony and the Toronto independent band earrl. Nine artists displayed their work throughout the event. Inuit throat singing, Metis world-champion jigging and some country and hip hop performers also took the stage.

"When I know who I am, I will know what is possible," said publisher Harmony Rice at the launch of SPIRIT Magazine. She added, "At SPIRIT, we see how important it is to have a grassroots base in the community while developing a worldview. It is this vision of SPIRIT Magazine that has the potential to travel across the world."

SPIRIT intensifies diversity in the media in Canada and globally by publishing a magazine that looks at the world from a different point of view, an indigenous view that is connected to the land, the people and its history but also looks forward

More information on the magazine is available from publisher Harmony Rice at (416) 463-1955 or editor Jamie Monastyrski. They can be reached by e-mail at or