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Spirit Lake Tribe of North Dakota

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Two companies owned and operated by the tribe may see more business from the military. Sioux Manufacturing Corp. makes armor for military vehicles as well as material for missile parts and helmets. Carl McKay, the company president, said Sioux Manufacturing has not placed any bids yet, but employees are gathering information and fielding inquiries. "We think it will happen, but it's not certain,'' McKay said. "We're certainly capable.'' A contract with the military could add 50 more workers to the 90 employees currently in the manufacturing sector. Dakota Tribal Industries, also of Fort Totten, has two bids out but does not expect to hear the results for several days. "Right now we're waiting,'' said Bill Collier, the plant manager. "I assume we'll get something.'' The company makes heat-sealed waterproof tents. Collier said 40 people currently work in the tent area of the business and a government contract could boost that number to 100. DTI also employs 20 people to make 14-foot covers for personnel carriers.

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