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Southwind Energy Helps Install Wind and Solar Lighting Unit in Ponca City

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"The Kaw Nation, known as The Wind People, has a long heritage and relationship with the south wind," said Southwind Energy spokesperson Ken Luttrell.

The Kaw Nation enterprise Southwind Energy has joined forces with Pioneer Technology Center and Ponca City Energy to create and install a wind and solar lighting unit in Ponca City, Oklahoma, states a Southwind press release. The company's new project supports the tribe's "commitment to renewable green energy," Luttrell said.

The project is the first of its kind in north central Oklahoma and provided Ponca City Energy career tech students and instructors with hands-on experience assembling and wiring the turbine and solar panels. They were guided by Ponca City Energy supervisors and crews, who offered technical and foundation advice for raising and setting the hybrid unit.

Southwind Energy distributes and installs wind and solar hybrid lighting. The LED devices consistently provide bright lighting for large parking areas, streets, sidewalks, bike paths, farms, ranches and more public spaces throughout Ponca City. The hybrid lighting equipment is cost-efficient with an estimated payback period of 2.1 years, and environmentally conscious, significantly reducing the city's carbon footprint.

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Unlike traditional grid based electrical lighting, the LED units operate with no line voltage, trenching or metering. They are designed to last 100,000 hours, compared to conventional lights that have a 10,000-hour life. Furthermore, wind turbines and solar panels have a life expectancy of 20-25 years with virtually no maintenance.