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Sound bites from Herrington's second spacewalk

John Herrington had to go to the end of the P1 Truss during the STS-113 mission's second spacewalk. If he looked one direction Herrington would see just empty space, the other direction and the Earth would fill his view. Behind him, the entire space station. When Herrington reached the end he commented "If I ever thought about being on the edge of the universe this is it - right here."

He then made the biggest understatement in his life "That's a view you don't see every day." U.S. spacewalk record holder Jerry Ross had told Herrington to frame a picture in his mind of the amazing sights he would see. Herrington commented "I'll remember that for a lifetime." and asked "What did we just pass over?" Lockhart replied "over the Caribbean" and all Herrington could add was "Oh my goodness."

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