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Social Media Platform Targets Indian Casinos

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A social media platform targeted to help American Indian casinos build up relationships with existing customers and acquire new ones is expected to go live in August.

Greentube Pro, a business-to-business (B to B) platform, is connected to a social media consumer-facing solution (B to C) that is already up and running on Facebook, called Magic Key Casino.

Its developers think that small- and medium-sized casinos can use it to keep the casino brand in front of a customer when he’s home and then bring him back to the casino. And the customer’s requests to their Facebook friends can allow these casinos to attract new customers.

Greentube, a unit of Austrian-based Novomatic Group, is finishing a casino-facing “back end” to complement the customer-facing front end on Facebook. It will feature powerful analytics.

Pricing is still being determined, but the group looks to get a certain percentage of casino marketing budgets and then hopes to build up from there by demonstrating extra value by increasing ROI (return on investment) for the casinos.

Indian casinos will be the "primary" target for Greentube Pro, and the company hopes it can get a 5 percent to 10 percent share of the smaller and medium sized operations.

How Greentube is expecting this to work is that casinos will promote Magic Key Casino (which would be customized to use their own brands) during casino visits, by giving out ID through their loyalty programs. Using the social media casino at home (and it can be accessed by all devices: computer, laptop, tablet, phone) keeps the casino's brand in front of the customer even when they are at home.

The casino can also market events at their land-based venue on the social media casino. This can be done through e-mail but also, interactive spots on Magic Key Casino can be used to play promotional videos for live events, like music concerts, that are set for the physical casino in order to attract return visits.

The social media casino will benefit from a "vast" lineup of games though its corporate parent, Novomatic, that can be used by Greentube Pro casinos. A three-pronged system of rewards, called keys, coins and diamonds, is also designed to promote customer retention and return visits to the actual casino to redeem the rewards.

Meanwhile, the back end of the program, visible to the casino but not the customer, tracks metrics for the owners through a multifunctional dashboard. So the casino can record rewards redemptions, daily active users, campaign performance, player retention, and other metrics.

"They can keep track in a very precise manner," says Gabriel Cianchetto, president of market development for Greentube North America. "We have an incredibly powerful solution on the front end, beautifully done and customizable. It's a phenomenal way for the casino to keep in touch with players."

Magic Key Casino is an entertainment-only solution, but as real-money Internet casinos become more prevalent, it is an excellent way for casinos to get themselves set up to take advantage of that when it goes online.

Cianchetto said that selling the idea to casinos requires an educational effort. Business-to-business solutions typically have a long sales cycle, of eight to 14 months. The cost structure is new as well, and the company is working out a model now on spreadsheets.

"This is cloud computing," he said. "Software as a Service (SAAS), Platform as a Service (PAAS)."

Ken Huang, a consultant for the company, said initially they might seek a small piece of the casino's marketing budget, which could increase once the casino sees the benefit. Other potential revenue streams include revenue sharing or a share of redemptions value.

Greentube has an array of stats it cites to back up its feeling on the value of the social market.

It says the global social market is projected to hit $4.2 billion in revenues in 2016, with the games component accounting for $2.6 billion. More than 35 million people in the United States visit social casino sites each month, and 82% of them have visited a land-based casino in the past year.