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Social Media Groups Rally for FCC Complaints of ‘Redskins’ Chiefs Broadcast

Social Media Groups Rally for FCC Complaints of ‘Redskins’ Chiefs Broadcast

Several groups on social media are rallying to collectively and individually file FCC complaints against today's NFL broadcast of the Washington Redskins Kansas City Chiefs game. They say that the team's name is too offensive and indecent to be on television and that it must be banned from broadcast.

The formal complaint, or FCC Form 475B is the Obscene, Profane, and/or Indecent Material Complaint Form and it can be found on the agency’s website. These complaints are another way people are saying that the NFL team's name must change.

Events on Facebook like, “Speak out Today @ 1 pm when you hear R**skins on Radio/TV” and “No Native American Indian Mascots” elicited hundreds of responses and likes as well as several comments in support of the Redskins name. And an outlet on Twitter was set up by Jacqueline Keeler (@jfkeeler), who fashioned the hashtag #FCCcomplaintRSKIN with the help of an associate Ethan Keller.

More than 1000 people have been invited on Facebook's "Speak out Today @ 1pm when yoh hear R**skins on Radio/TV" to file a complaint and 41 people said that they are "going" to the event; in other words, they plan to fill out for 475B and file their complaint individually.

“Filed,” wrote JoAnne Grandstaff on the “Speak out Today” Facebook page. “I hope thousands of fans file in protest.”

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Groups are also using #FCCcomplaintRSKIN to converse on Twitter.

Keller (@EthanKeller on Twitter), a Wisconsin based musician, who is the administrator of the No Native Mascots Group said, “Human beings as mascots is dehumanizing. Taking, without asking, and appropriating the most sacred symbols of another culture (for sport nonetheless), is a gross trivialization and sick mockery of all things holy, and anyone/everyone with certain liberties endowed by their Creator is born with the right to defend their religious freedoms from certain offense.”

Jennie S. (@HipPocketSoul on Twitter) is a Cherokee citizen and is one of many who are filing the complaint. 

“Certain racial slurs and overt derogatory caricatures have been prohibited by the FCC with the obvious intent of protecting those groups from being discriminated against,” said Jennie S. over email. “American Indians, Alaska Natives, Hawaiian Natives, and Pacific Islanders are provided no such protection according to the current policies. That is simply - injustice.”

Keeler (Navajo and Yankton Sioux) said her motivation to protest against the team on Twitter came from feeling like her ancestors were mocked for their sacrafices. "When I see those D.C. cheerleaders prancing out in skimpy outfits and sexy NDN War Bonnets, I think of my ancestor Owl Man. Did he forsee this? And would he consider it an 'honor'?"

*This story was updated