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Soar Like an Eagle! Bird With Camera Provides Bird's-Eye-View of Alps

[node:summary]Someone near Mer de Glace glacier in France strapped a GoPro camera to this eagle and let it fly over the French Alps.
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The eagle is revered on Turtle Island, but the raptor is not relegated to these shores.

Near the Mer de Glace glacier in France, someone strapped a small video camera to this eagle and set the bird free over the French Alps. According to the website Daily Picks and Flicks, the magnificent creature is winging its way over the northern slopes of the Mont Blanc mountain cluster, passing over the Montenvers Railway.

The world, at least this part of it, from an eagle's vantage point is every bit as breathtaking as one would imagine, and then some. Those flying dreams may never feel the same again. 

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