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Snoqualmie Tribe Says Marijuana Resolution Was a ‘Joke’

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A resolution to legalize marijuana on the Snoqualmie reservation signed by the tribal council on July 30 was just "a joke," Shelley Burch, the tribe's chairwoman, told The Seattle Times.

Burch said tribal leaders intended to frame and present the resolution to Willie Nelson when he performs at the Snoqualmie, Washington-based Snoqualmie Casino on July 30.

"It was just tongue in cheek at a council meeting; we know marijuana is illegal," Burch told The Seattle Times. "It was a joke. We don't allow it and we don't back it. We passed it, but it was supposed to be just for him.

"We were cracking up, saying, what if we did a resolution because he is coming to the casino; that is how it came about."

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The resolution passed 4-2 Thursday for the upcoming sold-out concert. "It sold out as soon as the tickets were out," Burch said.