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Skate for Life Competition Aims to Connect Youth Through Skateboarding

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The Stronghold Society's ONE Gathering Skate For Life event takes place on July 9 at the Downtown Denver Skatepark, on 19th and Little Raven. This skateboarding competition was created to bring American Indian youths from the Denver community together with their peers from the rest of Colorado and surrounding states. The event will serve as an outreach program to help educate American Indian communities to the myriad social and health challenges their children face today. The Stronghold Society states their mission on their website; to inspire confidence, creativity, hope and ambition for the youth of native and non-native communities. They are a non-profit.

The competition at the Downtown Denver Skatepark has special meaning due to its location near the South Platte River, a historical gathering place for many tribes. "Our overall goal for the ONE Gathering—Skate For Life is to promote inclusiveness and a positive impact on youth of all races by incorporating artistic achievement, social change, innovation, education, and healthy way of life outlooks," said Walt Pourier, Executive Director of the Stronghold Society, in a press release.

The ONE Gathering Skate for Life event is looking for help to spread the word of the event. The Stronghold Society wants to capitalize on the skateboarding movement throughout Indian Country. They see this event as a great way to connect with the youth and make a goal of healthy living attainable and fun.

"Last year's event had over five thousand people," Pourier said in the release, "we expect this year to double our attendance. There will be over 30 booths, food vendors, a rocking stage, an awesome skate competition, support from local skate shops led by Denvers top Thrifty Stick Boardshop, skate pros and top local skate talents will be on-hand, a food drive with Conscious Alliance, with Youth on Record music and recording booth, and a graffiti wall with top local artists."

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For more information about the event, please click here, or call (303) 255-1730.