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Sixth Annual Screenwriter’s Challenge offers unconventional constraints for writers

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NEW YORK – Midnight’s sixth annual Screenwriter’s Challenge persuades creative types to write what they don’t know by asking them to compose short screenplays of surprise genre and topic in as little as 24 hours. The first round of the contest, which runs from April 17 – 25, challenges all registered writers to come up with an original short screenplay in eight days. Up to 100 winners will be selected to advance to the final round, taking place June 5 – 6, where they will have a chance to compete for more than $13,000 in cash and prizes by writing an original short screenplay in 24 hours.

“We run a number of yearly contests like the Screenwriter’s Challenge to inspire artists and writers by challenging them to excel outside of their comfort zones,” said Charlie Weisman, co-founder of NYC Midnight. “Not only is this contest exciting and fast-paced, but we also do our best to help every writer improve by providing detailed feedback from the judges and also, by hosting a script review forum where writers can provide and receive feedback from their peers.”

The Screenwriter’s Challenge works by randomly placing writers in heats, and assigning each heat a specialty genre, like comedy or drama, and subject, like family reunion or neighbors. The writers are then given eight full days to compose a 15-page maximum screenplay. From this, up to 100 winners are selected by a panel of industry veterans and professionals to advance on to round two, where all writers are given the same genre and subject, but just a mere 24 hours to complete their masterpieces.

Interest in the Screenwriter’s Challenge continues to grow, and entrants from all around the globe, who can work alone or in teams, are encouraged to register. The presenting sponsor for this year’s challenge is Writer’s Boot Camp, a school and professional group that boasts alumni of highly successful writers and screenwriters. Final entry deadline for the Screenwriter’s Challenge is April 15. The cost to sign up is $45.