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Six officers graduate from Indian Police Academy

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ROSEBUD, S.D. - The Rosebud Sioux Tribe and Wanbli Wiconi Tipi recently
announced the graduation of six officers from the Indian Police Academy
(IPA) in Artesia, N.M. The newly certified Juvenile Detention Officers
include: Mary Brave, Georgia Marshall, Zollie Moran, Colleen Raymond,
Jeffery Williams and Patricia Broken Leg-Brill.

All six graduates participated in intense training sessions addressing
crucial topics on how to care for juveniles in Indian country detention
facilities. Participants were challenged in both academics as well as
practical exams. This training allowed all six participants to refine their
leadership skills in preparation for the opening of the new facility.

Officer Broken Leg-Brill said "the IPA training has re-enforced the
discipline, integrity, pride, confidence, perseverance, and honor that we
strive for here at Wanbli Wiconi Tipi. The Rosebud Sioux Tribe has a true
advantage by obtaining a new facility and starting from the ground up. We
have the ability to shape and mold this project into a professional
operation through the knowledge and skills we have learned.

"To be a part of this project from nearly the beginning has had a positive
impact on my outlook for the program. I am very excited to be a part of
something new and beneficial to our people. My goals for the facility are
to meet and maintain all standards for juvenile corrections, to obtain
accreditation and to have our project recognized as the best in Indian

"I learned a lot concerning my job as a detention officer. The take downs
and arrest procedures and ethical behavior were very interesting. I will
definitely apply this knowledge to my job. My prior military experience
helped because I saw a lot of my classmates struggle with some things that
I already knew. We all helped one another so all in all it worked out very
well," said Williams.

"What I learned from IPA was how to provide safety and security for the
youth, others and myself. The training helped me feel positive and it made
me feel good. What I will do with this training is take care of the youth
of RST. You can accomplish anything in life if you put your mind to it,"
said Moran.

"Without teamwork any mission is nearly impossible. I also learned the
importance of knowledge. That is, the more information you are able to
gather the better you will be able to perform your job. This training not
only helped me feel more confident in my job, but also in my personal
life," said Raymond.

"With this training I will go back to the facility and try my very best to
give the best quality of care to the RST youth and the community. I am
truly thankful for the sergeants and staff at IPA along with all my fellow
classmates, family and friends because without them my personal goals would
have been a lot harder to achieve. Thank you for this opportunity to work
with the youth of the RST," said Raymond.