Sign This: Another Petition to Remove Andrew Jackson from the $20 Bill

A new petition is looking to replace Andrew Jackson with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the $20 bill.

“Andrew Jackson was a racist president that sympathized with the South regarding slavery, and supported the forced removal of thousands of Native Americans from their traditional homelands resulting in the Trail of Tears,” begins a petition started December 7 for the removal of Jackson from the $20 bill.

This petition suggests that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. take his place. The petition, so far, has only 34 signatures and needs more than 99,000 to reach the goal of 100,000 by January 6, 2015.

“As a nation, it is time that we stand up to the forces of tyranny and oppression and reclaim the dream of building a nation where all of our children and grandchildren have an equal voice and opportunities to share in the natural bounty of this country,” reads the petition. “Removing Andrew Jackson from the twenty-dollar bill and replacing him with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will be a great symbolic act of hope and renewal.”

We here at ICTMN have made suggestions for who should replace Jackson on the $20 bill, and have featured others who want him replaced as well.

If you agree, go ahead and sign this petition at

If you aren’t sure, check out why Jackson was named the worst president, by reading the story below.

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