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Sierra Club Joins CA Solar Lawsuit Fray

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The Sierra Club has joined the list of groups suing California agencies over solar projects. The environmental group has filed a lawsuit against the state’s Energy Commission for its approval of the Calico facility, Reuters reported on Jan. 5.

Like the suit filed against other agencies by the Native American group La Cuna de Aztlan, and the Quechan Indian tribe’s injunction blocking construction of the Imperial Valley project, the Sierra Club charges that “regulators failed to fully mitigate the project’s impact on rare plant and animal species” and asks the court to rescind its approval and the plant’s permits, Reuters said.

The news wire noted that the number of solar projects in the state over the past year has burgeoned from three utility-scale plants to more than 40 plants under development. California is under a mandate to derive about a third of its energy from renewable sources by 2020. Six of them are under contention.

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