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Shy-Anne Hovorka Honors Friend's Last Wish With Video on Distracted Driving

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Aboriginal musician Shy-Anne Hovorka, Métis from northwestern Ontario, has come a long way from her childhood foster care toddlerhood.

Termed a rising star, the 2010 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award (APCMA) winner (Female Entertainer of the Year) has performed everywhere from the 2009 Aboriginal Youth Achievement Awards, where she was master of ceremonies, to the opening of the 2010 G8 World Religions Summit. She was a spotlight performer at the APCMAs in 2010 as well as in 2008 at the Winnipeg MTS Center, according to the biography on her website.

Now she has released a video in honor of a late friend of hers, Claudette Magne, who died of a sudden heart attack but had a lasting wish for Shy-Anne to bring attention to the deadly problem of texting and driving.

“She was all about saving the world and making the world a better place," Hovorka says in an interview posted by the aboriginal wire service NationTalk. "One of the biggest killers for youth right now all over North America is texting and driving. She wanted me to write a song about that, so I did."

Although the song isn't directly about that, the lyrics do lend itself to the message. Hovorka says that the city of Thunder Bay helped too, sponsoring the video, bringing in real paramedics and closing off a street to enable the filming. The result is realistic and powerful.

"Too young, too late," sings the featured youth vocalist, Christine Arnold. "I gave my life away."