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Should the Redskins Change Their Name? Let's Ask This Guy

Do these Redskins fans think the name should be changed? Their answers will completely not surprise you.
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Echoing the idea behind the failed Redskins PR offensive spearheaded by Ben Tribbett, a reporter from a conservative news organization visited tailgaters at FedEx Field to get an answer to this unnecessary question:

Do Redskins fans think the team should change its name?

Dan Joseph of MRC TV, the online-video site of the Media Research Center, asks fans wearing Redskins jerseys, t-shirts, and hats -- and one guy wearing a massive feather headdress -- whether they support the team's current name and mascot. Unsurprisingly, almost none of the people perpetuating the use of the racial slur think it's a slur. 

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Displaying an amazing lack of self-awareness, the man in the American Indian headdress insists that the name has lost its connection to the American Indian people. "When you say the word 'redskin' to any individual, the only thing they think about is the NFL football team," he says. His choice to don the "war bonnet" headwear sacred to Plains Indian men must just be a coincidence.

One fan, an African American woman who is wearing a t-shirt that shows a red-faced Native American giving the middle finger to the Dallas Cowboys, does say that the team should change its name. She connects the term to genocide perpetrated by Europeans: "take the land, steal the land, kill the people, that's what you do." The interviewer smirks.

MRC TV's parent organization, the Media Research Center, says on the "About Us" page at that "MRC’s sole mission is to expose and neutralize the propaganda arm of the Left: the national news media."