Shoshone-Bannock Tribes of the Fort Hall Reservation of Idaho


The tribes want to reintroduce native cutthroat trout to the Fort Hall Reservation. Bingham County officials argue the proposed fish hatchery would swallow up tax money and bring Indian land too close for comfort. Tribal fisheries official Lionel Boyer hopes to use 20 federal acres near Springfield for a hatchery to release native cutthroat and redband trout back into reservation waters. McTucker Creek is on the land, making it perfect for that purpose, he said. The county received less than $300 in taxes on the land per year before the government took over, county Prosecutor Carter Mackley said. The tribes are getting the parcel as a BIA trust from Interior. The Bonneville Power Administration bought it from Boise's North Fork Energy Co. It is the first phase of endeavors to obtain county land near the reservation or buy back Indian lands sold off years ago, he said. Mackley notified the BIA the county opposes the deal, saying it should have been involved because of the potential tax loss, the lack of environmental studies and how it would affect recreation on nearby McTucker Island. The land deal will not be complete until the tribes receive final government approval.