Shoshone-Bannock Tribes of the Fort Hall Reservation of Idaho


They are called the lost tribe - a historic band of Shoshone Indians now known as Comanche. For some attending the first-ever Shoshonean Reunion and Gathering June 17 at Sho-Ban High School, that proved an interesting lesson in tribal history. Members from various Shoshone tribes learned they share many stories and even much of their language. Lavonne Roanhorse, Eastern Shoshone from Wyoming, said that besides chili and fry bread, the best part of the event was hearing histories of tribes from as far away as Oklahoma. "We get to know just how far back in history we go." On invitation of the local Shoshone Tribe, about 50 members of Oklahoma's Comanche Tribe chartered a bus to join the festivities. "We've never been up to this part of the country," said Delores Karty. "They have all this fishing and wild game that we don't have in our area - but I'll tell you what, Indian hospitality is the same everywhere." Each visiting tribe received a Sacajawea coin, highlighting a point in history Roanhorse said still needs ironing out. She said the gathering allowed members of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe and the Lemhi-Shoshones to discuss Sacajawea's true ancestry - each tribe claims the honor.