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Short Dawg Tha Native on tour

HIGHLAND, Calif. – The life of a rez dog isn’t always easy, but it’s insurmountably better if you’re Short Dawg Tha Native a.k.a. Raymond Galvan.

In October, Galvan, Serrano/Cahuilla, joined the Kottonmouth Kings on their “Bring tha Noize” tour to promote his new album “The Black Sheep.” He has also squeezed in some time to rap on smaller tours. The album will be sold exclusively on tour until the official release later this year under his label Voodoo Nation Records.

Galvan, a self-proclaimed black sheep, represents an artist who takes pride in doing music his own way, standing out among hoards of other rappers, not on the fringes. When not on tour, he’s in the studio recording new tracks, or promoting the artists on his label. He is also the front man for the rock/rap group Dog Faced Gods.

Even with his bustling schedule, Indian Country Today was able to catch up with Galvan to ask him a few questions about the tours and his latest work.

ICT: How are the tours going so far?

Galvan: The tours have been going great. First, I joined Kottonmouth Kings on a month-long tour in October, then went with Evidence from the group Dilated Peoples on a week or so long run in December. I’m leaving again Feb. 24 to tour with the Kottonmouth Kings, La Coka Nostra, Big B, Blaze and Potluck.

ICT: What have been your most memorable experiences on tour?

Galvan: There have been a lot of memorable experiences on tour. I don’t really know where to start. I’ve had such a great time staying out on the road for my new album ‘The Black Sheep,’ and working with new artists, seeing new places, experiencing new things and meeting a lot of loyal fans. … (pause, then laughs) I would probably need to write a book.

ICT: What new material are you working on, if any?

Galvan: I’m finishing up the final touches on ‘The Black Sheep’ album so I can get some early releases into the hands of fans that have been looking forward to getting a copy. I am working on ideas and music for another Short Dawg Tha Native album as well, so look out for that soon.

ICT: What has the experience been like touring with these other artists?

Galvan: It’s been great meeting and working with a lot of these other artists. They’re really down to earth and willing to give advice on business and performing, and really, we just hang out and chill. The guys from Kottonmouth Kings, Evidence from Dilated Peoples, Hed P.E., and all of the artists. ... really, it’s been a positive experience.

ICT: Anything else you want to tell our readers about this tour and/or the album?

Galvan: Check www.tha for free downloads of music from ‘The Black Sheep.’ This is stuff that won’t be on the album. Hit me up on and check for when the Bring tha Noize tour is coming near you. If you head over to, you’ll see some live stuff we caught on camera from previous tours. One more Web site for you to jot down is www.voodoo Check the online store as we’re just beginning to update it with all the new goods.