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Shoni Schimmel's Basketball Season So Far

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Going into tonight’s game against Cincinnati, the #14 ranked Louisville Cardinals women's basketball team, 8-2, are once again led by super sophomore Shoni Schimmel.

The 5’9” Schimmel cut her teeth playing basketball on the Umatilla Reservation where she grew up, and now the fleet-footed, she’s-got-the-ball-on-a-string point guard extraordinaire plies her trade in front of tens of thousands of fans. After making a gigantic splash her freshmen year, the stakes were high for Schimmel and her Cardinal teammates. After missing the first two games because of playing in an unsanctioned three-on-three tournament back at the Umatilla Reservation this summer, Schimmel is back and is better then ever.

Schimmel is currently second on the team in scoring (13.5 points per game, 108 total), steals (23), and three pointers made (22), while leading the team in assists (38, nearly 5 a game).

Schimmel’s younger sister, Jude, joined her sister at Louisville and is just getting adjusted to the speed of the college game. She’s had flashes of brilliance, foreshadowing a Schimmel-sister dynamic that should help keep the Cardinals in the hunt for a National Championship.

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Playing alongside Monique Reid, Becky Burke, and Bria Smith, Shoni Schimmel is doing what she does best, getting everybody involved, making everybody body, and moving her team confidently towards the big dance, March Madness, where the Cardinals hope to improve upon their run in last year’s March Madness tournament, where they were ousted in the Great Eight by an upstart Gonzaga team.