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Sharp re-elected president of Quinault Nation

QUINAULT, Wash. – Attorney Fawn Sharp was re-elected president of the Quinault Indian Nation March 28. She received 317 votes to Vice President Guy Capoeman’s 297.

Andrew Mail was elected vice president, receiving 279 votes to Virginia Brings Yellow’s 179. Larry Ralston was elected treasurer; Latasha Underwood was elected secretary.

This campaign was noted for its new style of politicking; Capoeman took his campaign to MySpace and YouTube, and hosted barbecues and campaign dinners.

Capoeman, 39, campaigned on a theme of leadership change and economic development. He proposed economic development of land near the Quinault Beach Resort and in the Lake Quinault area, and supported improvements to Ocean Shores Marina, including resumption of ferry service between Ocean Shores and Westport.

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Sharp, 38, told The Daily World newspaper that Quinault returned to the national stage, especially concerning climate change, during her first three-year term. She participated in United Nations conferences on the issue in Poland and Washington, D.C. And Quinault is restoring forest that had been cut down under BIA management.

“I think we’re all proud to return to that stage and give a voice that shows we have great interest in climate change,” she told The Daily World.

– Richard Walker is a correspondent reporting from San Juan Island, Wash. Contact him at