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With Only Seven Fingers: Michael Bucher to Release Newest Album 'this.' October 1st

With only seven fingers, On October 1st, 2017, Native American musician Michael Bucher is releasing his latest 12-track album titled ‘this.’
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On October 1st, 2017, Native American musician Michael Bucher, is releasing his latest body of work with a 12-track album titled ‘this.’

In 2015, Michael Bucher was in the prime of his career when he lost three fingers in an accident. He was set to travel to Canada for a television special with other dates in the works, he was on the verges of gaining international exposure on several fronts. The day before he was set to go, he instead found himself in a hospital, looking at a hand with fingers that were no longer there.

Bucher previously told ICMN he reflected on a life without music. “I began compiling a ‘never again’ list.”

Michael Bucher says he realized he had an excuse to give up, but decided he would press on. But he would have to reteach himself to play the guitar, only able to strum with his thumb and his remaining middle finger. The process was not an easy one.

“I have no feeling in my middle finger. There is a second-sense you get when strumming the guitar or hitting chords, so this was definitely a new process for me,” he said.[text_ad]After spending hundreds of dollars on guitar picks and finally getting it right with a tacky adhesive on the pick, Michael Bucher began practicing his old songs. Even though he was just using his finger and thumb, optimism began to creep in. He thought, “This is going to happen. I’m going to do it again.”

Going back to the studio, Michael Bucher was ready to play one of his most profoundly difficult pieces he says he had ever attempted. At the ready, he recorded One Finger, One Thumb, One Take at the GRAMMY-winning Sound Strations studio in La Crosse Wisconsin. The meaning of the song One Finger, One Thumb, One Take is just that.

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On October 1st, 2017, Cherokee musician Michael Bucher is releasing his latest 12-track album titled ‘this.’

On October 1st, 2017, Native American musician Michael Bucher is releasing his latest 12-track album titled ‘this.’

Michael Bucher explained his process. “It was so much more than just recording in a studio where you can say, hold on, let’s redo that again, but if you play live in front of an audience, you don’t have that luxury. It may have been just a moment in the studio to someone, but to me everything was riding on this one take.”

“I decided either I do this in one take, or I hang it up. But it worked. The rest is history. And now I have an entire album I have recorded. It is a testament that if we really focus our energies on accomplishing what we want to accomplish, we can achieve anything.”

Michael Bucher’s album this. which includes tracks on the difficulties of living a normal life, addictions in the world and the misappropriation of culture, is making its way to the world in October.

With the premiere of 'this.' Michael Bucher says he feels only gratitude.

I don’t think I’ll ever pick up my guitar again without the thought of gratitude,” he told ICMN previously.

Michael Bucher’s album this. Will be available on October 1st. For more information visit Watch his video One Finger, One Thumb, One Take. when it premieres on October 1st on Michael Bucher’s YouTube channel.