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Sequoyah High School adds chess

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TAHLEQUAH, Okla. - Sequoyah High School (SHS) students are learning to play
chess, with the hopes of forming a competitive chess team.

"I think it's a game that makes people smarter, no matter what age they are
when they learn to play," said Mae Dean Erb, chess instructor with the
American Indian Resource Center.

According to research done by the American Indian Resource Center, students
who play chess on a regular basis score better in the areas of math and
reading than their non-chess playing counterparts.

"Chess makes the kids think about the consequences of their actions without
even realizing it," Erb said. "It mirrors life in a lot of ways."

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Erb is teaching the chess game in the SHS math classes, but soon the school
will have a chess club that will play matches against each other and other
schools in the area.

"We have a lot of interest in it [chess]," said Elvina Nez, SHS math
teacher. "I hope we can get other schools to join us."

Sequoyah hopes to host their first competitive chess tournament next fall.

For more information on the SHS chess club, contact Elvina Nez at (918)