Sequestration in Indian Country Getting National Attention


Federal budget cuts currently being discussed as part of the sequester in Washington D.C. will have an effect on Indian country – mostly the Indian Health Service. The impact is so great it’s starting to garner national attention.

Indian Country Today Media Network reported on March 11 that miscalculation at the management level of IHS have led to drastic cuts.

Mark Trahant reported on March 20 that Dr. Yvette Roubideaux shared information during a hearing on March 19 about how IHS has improved with federal funding.

Today, The New York Times published an editorial titled The Sequester Hits the Reservation that shares how the sequester looks to impose cuts of 5 percent across IHS, while pointing out that the service provided to American Indians and Alaska Natives is not exempt from sequestration like other federal health and safety-net programs.