Seneca Nation of New York


"Edward Kindt, 16, who pleaded guilty March 8 to a charge of second-degree murder in the death of Penny Brown last Mother's Day, has been sentenced to nine years to life in prison. The well-liked nurse and midwife was raped and strangled with a leash while jogging with the two family dogs along a Salamanca recreational trail. Authorities worried the case involving a Native American suspect and white victim would rekindle racial tensions in the town, which, built on Nation land, has been a past site of conflict. Lawyers cited the threat of violence while successfully arguing to have court records, including a statement Kindt made to police, sealed. Despite Kindt's guilty plea a week before his trial was to begin, the youth's attorneys filed an immediate appeal May 1 based on the judge's decision to allow the district attorney to use blood evidence and Kindt's statement at a trial. At sentencing, Kindt was called a sexual predator and threat to society. Displeased with the juvenile sentencing restrictions by which he was bound, the judge said he "hopes and prays" Kindt is never released from prison. Brown's husband, Robert, wanted the death penalty. "If you have a weed, you pull the weed and discard it. He's a weed."