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Seneca Nation of New York

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When Hawk's Speedway, a state-of-the-art go-cart track, opened on the Cattaraugus reservation in July, it was an early sign the nation is building an economic base beyond tobacco and gasoline. The family-oriented recreation complex along Route 5 on the edge of the nation provides 30 jobs. At the same time as the opening, J. Conrad Seneca announced he will build a small strip mall for four small businesses on the parallel Route 20. Barry Snyder, who has built his own small empire in tobacco and fuel over the last two decades, is charting the new economic course. And, the Buffalo News reports Snyder is considering a return to politics to ensure the economic expansion continues. He has served twice as president as well as treasurer and tribal councilor. He retired from active politics four years ago when his Seneca Party was defeated. The speedway adds one more element to an entertainment center Snyder envisions for the 240-acre complex. A golf driving range and hot dog stand opened last year. Next will come a miniature golf course and batting cages, he said.

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