Send’em to Japan

I am the band booster director at Central High School in Phoenix, Ariz. In August, our plan to go to Japan was approved by the district, leaving us only with a few months to raise any necessary funds to make this trip possible.

In a time when economic realities are changing our world, it is reassuring that CHS still has a marching band. Marching bands represent a unique slice of life in the United States and are integral to American celebrations. We love them! Central’s band kids also love their band experiences. This is evident by the dedication and hard work they demonstrate every day as they keep up their school work plus develop their skills in music and in working together as a band.

CHS’s Marching Bobcat Band has an opportunity for a musical exchange with one of our sister city schools, Kotogaka High School in Himeji, Japan in March 2010. Presenting the musical talents of our band students, products of Phoenix’s central core, to a different culture halfway around the globe is an impressive and ambitious endeavor.

Band students have been working carwashes and parents have appealed to local businesses and organized sales and shows since late summer when the opportunity became available. Our goal is to raise more than $150,000 to book air fares and hotels for a learning experience of a lifetime!

Economic times have limited the local help we might have had a few years ago. People and businesses are hurting. That’s why we are asking for help on a level that might be considered reaching for the stars.

Central High has plenty of good, decent, smart and talented youngsters that give us hope for the future. However, they aren’t affluent. They need our help.

Any way you could help would be appreciated, whether it’s a donation, spreading the word, sponsorship, or directing us to people who believe in paying forward good deeds. You can contact us at (602) 793-3121.

Music is an integral part of the human experience. We hear it, feel it, sing it, play it, and celebrate life’s milestones to it. Let’s encourage this joyful experience in our youth.

– Sonja Noble


Band Booster President

Central High School

Phoenix, Ariz.