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Senator Dorgan to Meet With Urban Native American Youth

Former Senator Byron Dorgan and the Center for Native American Youth will meet with urban Native American youth in Denver to discuss issues and challenges affecting Native American youth.
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On August 24, Former Senator Byron Dorgan, founder and chairman of the Center for Native American Youth at the Aspen Institute will visit urban Native American youth in Denver, Colorado. The center, which works on issues like teen suicide prevention, substance abuse, educational opportunities and other challenges facing Native youth, will spend three days in Denver meeting with youth and touring schools.

“I am looking forward to meeting with Indian youth in Denver. This will be a great opportunity to hear from youth and learn more about the Denver Indian community and how the center can work with them and positively impact the lives of these young people,” Dorgan said in a release.

Dorgan will host a roundtable discussion with Native American youth at the Denver Center for International Studies (DCIS).

“In order to elevate issues on a national level we need to be spending time in Indian country and listening to tribes and urban Indian communities about their unique needs and learn about impactful initiatives,” Erin Bailey, the center’s director, said in the release.

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Center staff will also tour the Denver Indian Center, Denver Indian Health and Family Services and the Denver Indian Family Resource Center to learn about what the programs offer to Native Americans in the area.

From the meetings the center will cull information about programs and areas of concern for Native youth to develop a site report that they will share with schools and organizations.