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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Says ‘No’ to 'Redskins'

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Says ‘No’ to 'Redskins'
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Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) has joined several of his congressional colleagues who have denounced “Redskins” and called on Dan Snyder to change the team’s name.

This morning, after an interview with The Hill Reid said, “I think [Washington team owner Daniel] Snyder is so short-sighted on this,” Reid said in an interview with The Hill. “We live in a society where you can’t denigrate a race of people. And that’s what that is. I mean, you can’t have the Washington Blackskins. I think it’s so short-sighted.”

Reid joins House minority leader Nancy Pelosi who told the Hillin October that it would “probably would be a good idea if they change the name.”

Now, the three most powerful Democrats in Washington, D.C. — President Obama, Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) — have urged the Washington football team to rethink their mascot. President Obama told the Associated Press that if he was Snyder he would “think seriously” about changing the team’s name.

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A bipartisan group of leaders in Washington including, Representatives Tom Cole, Betty McCollum and Eleanor Holmes Norton have also taken a stand against the R-word. The D.C. Council has unanimously passed a resolution calling on its hometown football team to drop its offensive mascot.

Reid said that other sports teams have changed their controversial monikers, including the Washington Wizards. The professional basketball team used to be named the Washington Bullets.

“I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Senate Major Leader Reid for speaking out boldly against racial intolerance and bigotry,” said Oneida Indian Nation CEO and representative Ray Halbritter in a press release.

“On behalf of the Oneida Indian Nation and the Change the Mascot campaign, I thank Senator Reid for opposing the R-word and standing up for what is right. Demands for change from America’s top leaders give energy to our Change the Mascot movement, and they inspire us to push ahead with our calls for the Washington team and the NFL to finally place themselves on the right side of history.” 

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