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Sen. Johnson Asks South Dakotans Opinions and Ideas on Federal Budget Issues

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U.S. Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) recently reached out to his fellow South Dakotans to share their ideas on ways to help their state and the nation’s debt. Johnson launched a new section on his website where people are encouraged to share information about programs they find beneficial and that should be preserved along with those that aren’t useful and worthy of being cut.

“I have received input from South Dakotans over the years on our budget deficit, but wanted to create this form to allow folks to more easily send me their thoughts on the federal budget,” Johnson said. “As I travel around our state, I hear great feedback regarding both what funding folks want to see preserved and what they would cut, and I am expecting to get that same response on my website.”

With the appropriations process currently underway for the next fiscal year, plans are continuing to be developed to reduce the long-term deficit of this nation. Johnson is reaching out to his state for opinions at the base level.

“Congress came together to tackle out-of-control spending during the Clinton Administration, and the federal government had three consecutive years of budget surpluses. We can do so again if we listen to the American people, put aside the rhetoric and work in a bipartisan fashion to get this done,” concluded Johnson.

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