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Seminoles Initiate Native American Veterans Memorial Statue – Part 3

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Tina Osceola, Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the Seminole Indian Tribe of Florida, discussed an initiative headed by the Seminole Tribe with Kimberlie Acosta and IndianCountryTV.

The initiative, known as The Native American Veterans Memorial Initiative, is a push to have an American Indian soldier added to the existing statue at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the National Mall. Osceola also addressed the two recent issues involving the United States military and use of American Indian comparisons. The first was referring to an al Qaeda member being compared to the Seminole Indians and the second was the use of Geronimo as the code name for Osama bin Laden.

“How is it any different today? That’s what we want to hear from the President of the United States. How is different today, how is it going to be different tomorrow? What is his legacy? What is he leaving?” Osceola said.

More info on the initiative can be found here.

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