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Seminoles Initiate Native American Veterans Memorial Statue – Part 1

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Stephen Bowers, liaison for the Seminole Indian Tribe of Florida Office of Veteran Affairs recently sat down with Kimberlie Acosta and IndianCountryTV to discuss an initiative headed by the Seminole Tribe.

The initiative, known as The Native American Veterans Memorial Initiative, is a push to have an American Indian soldier added to the existing statue at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the National Mall.

“Frederick Hart, who was the sculpture and artist behind the three servicemen pictured that the three servicemen should be the Caucasian, meaning the white person, and the African-American for the black servicemen and the Hispanic of course for the Spanish segment of our population across the country. … Where is the Native American? It’s well known, it’s well documented that the American Indian soldier has served more in the armed forces of the United States than any other ethnic group in the country,” said Bowers.

More info on the initiative can be found here.

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