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Seminole Expansion Meets Resistance

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As the Seminole Tribe plans to build a transportation and retail center beside its existing casino, Coconut Creek, launching an expansion of the complex into an entertainment destination, local residents are threatening lawsuits against them, reported

The developments will occur on non-trust land--the project requires rezoning land, the city relinquishing utility right-of-way through the property, and rights to 40th Street. Therefore, residents of the city of Coconut Creek need to approve them. The city commission will vote on the measures at upcoming meetings.

Meanwhile, the Coconut Creek team attempts to assuage residential fears. "We want to make sure that everyone here – both [the Commission] and the public – knows that we want to be a good neighbor," Casino General Manager Stever Bonner told "There's not only a lot of time, but a lot of effort and a lot of compromise."

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